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Digital measurement and analytics tools are software used to measure and understand the effectiveness of an organization’s digital marketing activities.

With these tools, Voondle monitors the performance of digital activities such as web traffic, social media interaction, email marketing, and search engine optimization. Voondle is the most popular digital measurement and analysis tool such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Omniture, Mixpanel, Piwik, Webtrends, etc. uses. These tools measure and analyze the effectiveness of organizations’ digital activities, and develop and optimize organizations’ digital marketing strategies.



Digital strategies refer to the plans and methods that must be followed for an organization to achieve its purpose through digital channels.

Voondle offers brand-specific solutions with digital advertising strategies. Voondle expert team determines the most suitable digital advertising channels for brands, defines the target audience, and creates special advertising campaigns for their interests. Digital advertising strategies include social media ads, search engine ads, video ads, email marketing, programmatic ads, and mobile ads. In addition, Voondle constantly improves by measuring the effectiveness of advertisements with data analytics solutions.



Content marketing aims to attract the attention of an organization’s potential customers by offering valuable and impressive content and positively influencing their purchasing decisions.

Voondle content marketing includes blog posts, videos, infographics, social media posts, e-mail newsletters, webinars, e-books, etc. concentrates on the elements. Voondle content marketing strategies enable an organization to provide valuable information to its customers. At the same time, Voondle increases the brand awareness of customers with content marketing.



Online reputation management is the process of examining how an organization’s reputation online looks and is managed.

With online reputation management, Voondle allows brands to examine and analyze how their online presence looks and can be managed. In this way, brand owners have the opportunity to protect and improve their corporate reputation by detecting and correcting false or negative information on the internet. Voondle provides digital marketing strategies and content marketing solutions to positively affect the online reputation of brand owners.



Monitoring means real-time monitoring and analysis of a system’s application or processes. This process is used to monitor the performance, security, or health of the system.

Voondle offers brand owners the ability to monitor and analyze their online presence in real-time. In this way, brand owners can comfortably monitor the performance, security, or health of their online assets. In addition, using this data, Voondle offers solution-oriented suggestions for brands to optimize their platforms and get more effective results.



Data analysis services involve brands collecting, storing, organizing, analyzing, and transforming customer data into meaningful information.

Voondle extracts more meaning from the data analysis it obtains and enables more effective decisions to be made. Voondle performs the operations of collecting, storing, organizing, analyzing, and transforming the results into meaningful information. With these analyzes, brands make more informed decisions in areas such as marketing, product development, finance, or risk management.



B2B (business-to-business) web applications are web-based applications designed to handle transactions between businesses.

Voondle provides professional B2B web application services. Web applications designed and developed specifically for brands aim to facilitate transactions between businesses. Among the applications Voondle uses, there are transaction options such as data and information sharing, ordering and tracking, making payments, and paying bills. Voondle also constantly updates to keep the security and performance of B2B web applications at the highest level.



Voondle uses a variety of tools, techniques, and analytics to improve the performance of websites with conversion optimization (CRO). By monitoring the behavior of visitors on websites, Voondle identifies which pages are performing better and which pages need improvement. Voondle analyzes data using various tools such as A/B tests, heatmaps, and user experience surveys and offers recommendations to increase conversion rates. CRO allows optimizing the user experience to improve the browsing experience on a website. Thus, users take more actions on the website and a higher return rate is achieved.



Web analytics is the technique used to monitor and analyze the behavior and interactions of a website’s visitors.

Voondle measures the performance of brands’ websites and determines which pages are more popular and which pages need improvement. Voondle also collects data such as the number of visitors, page views, visitor sources, and return rates and presents this data with graphs, reports, and other tools. Voondle provides the data necessary to increase the performance of the web analytics website, and with the website optimized within this framework, more and more efficient organic user traffic is captured.



Remarketing (or recycler marketing) is a marketing technique in which visitors to a website see advertisements for the site they previously visited.

Voondle aims to show customized ads to website visitors in line with their previous behavior through remarketing. Voondle monitors and analyzes the behavior of website visitors, creating ads tailored to their interests. Voondle enables to increase in the return rate and improves the performance of the website with remarketing.



Retargeting (or back targeting) is a marketing technique in which visitors to a website see ads for the site they previously visited.

With its retargeting service, Voondle allows showing the advertisements of the website they visited before to the website visitors. This technique allows the customization of advertisements according to the previous behavior of the visitors and aims to achieve a more effective marketing result. By monitoring and analyzing the behavior of website visitors, it creates advertisements tailored to their interests. Voondle improves the performance of brands’ websites with retargeting and increases the return rate.



Digital marketing is marketing activities carried out through the internet and digital technologies.

Voondle digital marketing service covers marketing activities carried out through the internet and digital technologies. digital marketing is carried out in areas such as promotion, advertisement, sale of products or services, and customer service. Voondle markets business products and services using digital marketing tools such as social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and content marketing. Also, web analytics and conversion optimization, etc. to increase website traffic and increase conversion rates. does work.

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